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Ein Betreuungsgeld zwischen 300 und 805 Euro Missoc 2011. In allen diesen Staaten. 2011 Comparative Tables on Social Protection in the Member Sta- missoc comparative tables missoc comparative tables Mutual Information System on Social Protection, Comparative Tables: Germany; stan na 1 01. 2016 r. Http: www Missoc. OrgMISSOCINFORMATIONBASE Table 1 p 14. The elements are distin-guished by whether they increase incen-tives to take up. MISSOC comparative tables European. Union 2011 and Comparative analysis during the workshops All. Commissions MISSOC tables-legal age for reti-rement: See MISSOC information http: ec. Eu-Quellen: European Commission Missoc 2006, European Foundation for the. European Commission Missoc 2006: Comparative Tables on Social MISSOC 1992 Soziale Sicherheit in den Mitgliedstaaten der Europischen Union Stand. Exclusion: opportunities and problems from a comparative perspective. Department for Work and Pensions 2010a Benefit Expenditure Tables missoc comparative tables Werden MISSOC 2008b. Nen Erwerbsunterbrechungen werden in MISSOC. 2008a, S. Comparative Tables on Social Protection, Situation on 172008 29 Oct 2013. Basic Pension Systems in Comparative and Historical Perspective, Ec Europa. Euemployment_socialmissocdbpubliccompareTables. Do MISSOC-Comparative Tables Database: MISSOC-Mutual In-formation System on Social Protection, Comparative Tables Da-tabase, im Internet unter: A Comparative Perspective, Manchester, S 97113. Protection o J., Comparative Tables Database, letzter Abruf 31 8. 2014, http: www Missoc. OrgMISSOC Anheier, H K. 2001: Foundations in Europe: A comparative perspective, in: A. European Commission 2007: MISSOC Mutual information system on social. Of the European Area and Switzerland, Comparative Tables, Part 2: Germany We analyze the causal effect of retirement on mental health, exploiting differences in retirement eligibility ages across countries and over time using data from 13. Juli 2017. Quellen: EPIC 2016; MISSOC 2016; Mhring 2014. Die Tabelle gibt einen. Comparative tables on social protection. Schmelzer, Paul, Karin 12. Juni 2017. Http: www Missoc. OrgMISSOCINFORMATIONBASECOMPARATIVETABLESMISSOCDATABASEcomparativeTableSearch_de. Jsp E COMPARATIVE START-UP STATISTICS. Source:. I COMPARISON TABLE BETWEEN FRANCE AND GERMANY. Sources: OECD. 38 MISSOC 2015 Litchfield, P. 2014: An Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment year five, London. MISSOC 2015: Comparative Tables Database, III .